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Birstone is a new type of OEM&ODM Semi-precious Gemstone skincare tool brand manufacturer that integrates design and manufacture to export. With the family business's ten years of experience in the Gemstone industry, based on the concept of Home skincare health care and Magical Healing stone, we will bring our carefully polished semi-precious stone products worldwide. We genuinely believe to help customers create a meaningful and lasting brand, continuously creating high-quality and updating new products is so important; therefore, from importing raw stones to making high-quality finished products, we don't miss any details, step by step to provide customers with the most trustworthy natural skincare tools. Join us to experience a new healthy lifestyle nurtured by the earth.

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Mar 8,2024

How to Identify a Real Jade Roller? – 5 Ways to Identify

Lots of people have been using jade rollers lately, and the reason is a rising trend in the beauty industry. Since it is related to Chinese traditions for fat and puffiness reduction on the face and other body parts, there is hardly any medical evidence of their impact. However, people who have used them before claim that they have found some benefits, which is why people are purchasing them for easy and convenient treatment at home. Whether you are purchasing a single piece or wholesale jade rollers, there is something you need to know. That is about the authenticity of the stone used in the roller. Since nephrite and jadeite are only two jewels used for that, you still might encounter some fake ones. Here are five ways to find real ones.   If It is Fake, It May Cause Irritation on the Skin Sometimes it is not possible to detect the difference between a fake and a real one. Some people realize it when they start using it, and the cost is high. What kind of cost is it, by the way? The cost of purchasing and the skin damage. Yes, a fake jade roller will not provide benefits to your skin because it is nothing but a piece of glass, plastic, or marble. Instead of offering some benefits, they will cause more problems. You may start having irritation or rashes on your skin because of using a fake roller.  Besides, if you use an original jade roller, you will get some benefits. Treatment of puffiness and swelling on the face caused by bad sleep, and better lymphatic drainage is one of them. People use them for these purposes, and not having proper results after using a jade roller might be a reason for using fake ones.     Natural Jade Stone Feels Cool on Skin Some stones have a natural tendency to create a cooling effect on the skin. Since jade stones are made of either nephrite or jadeite, they have some natural effects on your skin. They absorb the cold from the environment, and you can feel that. Normally, people store them in freezers for a few minutes before using them on their skins. A natural jade stone will absorb the cold better. It is also for retailers who are willing to source wholesale jade rollers. They can ask for samples from a supplier to test the effect on their skins.    Real One Has a Greenish Color with Inconsistency in Shades  Color identification is the easiest way to detect whether a jade roller is original or fake. You need to observe it closely because there are some imperfect lines and shades inside the stones, which show the authenticity of it. This is the case with all the gemstones because they have some irregular marks inside them, which is why you will see inconsistency in the shades. Buyers who often deal in wholesale jade rollers know techniques for identifying the real nephrite and jadeite stones.  On the other end, fake ones have the same color consistency. For instance, if it is dark green, the whole stone will have the same intensity of color without any difference. It happens when a manufacturer uses glass, plastic, or marble for the production. Moreover, the fake one has no in-depth textures, which are found only in gemstones.    Real Jade is Heavier, and Breaks If It Falls You can also detect this through the falling test. Yes, it might be costly, but it is about purchasing the original one. An original stone has a medium weight, which is a little higher than plastic and lower than marble. Yes, it is not easy to find such a difficult challenge. You may have a plastic jade stone or marble one, both have different weights. But when a plastic one falls, it might not break, and the marble type will. You can judge it through the weight and fall test. If it is light and does not break, it might be plastic jade.  If its weight is a little more than that, but breaks after falling on the floor, it might be marble type. It is up to you how you judge it. You can follow all the above methods, and then drop it on the ground to assure if it is fake or original.      Fake One is Cheap and Available in Every Color Then comes the price range, and it is where you can get more help in judgment. A fake one will be cheaper than the original one. However, some manufacturers might sell you fake jade rollers at a higher price to trick you into thinking that you came to the right place. If you are purchasing a wholesale jade roller, you will have to compare the price with other suppliers too. You can compare with the one who is selling original as well as with the one who is selling fake one. Then you will be able to find the fake ones through the price difference.  Moreover, jade rollers are available in greenish colors because of the naturality of jadeite and nephrite. Some manufacturers claim that they have different colors but these stones are found 99% of the time in greenish shades. So, you will have to focus on the green color and the irregular patterns inside it.

Feb 16,2024

Gua Sha Hacks: Supercharge Your Skincare Routine with This Ancient Tool

Hello, beauty enthusiasts! Are you tired of your regular skincare routine and looking for something extraordinary to elevate your skin game? Well, say hello to Gua Sha, the ancient secret about revolutionizing your beauty ritual. In this article, we'll delve into Gua Sha hacks that will pamper your skin and bring a touch of timeless elegance to your self-care routine.   Unveiling the Beauty of Gua Sha Let's kick things off by understanding what Gua Sha is all about. Picture this: a smooth, handheld tool gliding gracefully across your face, promoting circulation and leaving you with a radiant glow. Intrigued? You should be!   The Ancient Wisdom Behind Gua Sha Gua Sha is not just a trend; it's a practice rooted in ancient Chinese medicine. Imagine it as a wise elder sharing the secrets of beautiful, healthy skin passed down through generations.   Gua Sha Tools: Your Beauty Arsenal Jade rollers, move over! Gua Sha tools come in various shapes and materials, each offering unique benefits. From rose quartz to buffalo horn, find the perfect tool that resonates with your energy.   Gua Sha 101: A Step-by-Step Guide Now that you're acquainted with the basics let's dive into the step-by-step guide on seamlessly incorporating Gua Sha into your skincare routine.   Preparing Your Canvas: Cleanse and Tone Prep your skin like an artist preparing a canvas. Cleanse away the day's impurities and tone to create the perfect base for the Gua Sha masterpiece.   Choosing the Right Gua Sha Tool Ever tried painting with the wrong brush? The same goes for Gua Sha. Discover which tool aligns with your skin's needs, ensuring a personalized and practical experience.   Facial Mapping: Know Your Canvas Before you begin sculpting, understand your facial landscape. Different areas require different strokes – it's like navigating a map to discover hidden treasures.   The Art of Gentle Strokes Gua Sha is all about finesse. Embrace the gentle strokes that mimic the flow of a brush on a canvas. Feel the tension melt away as you create a masterpiece on your skin.   Elevate Your Skincare Game Let's discuss the magic – how Gua Sha can level up your skincare routine. Say Goodbye to Puffiness Goodbye puffiness, hello sculpted beauty! Gua Sha's gentle massage helps drain lymphatic fluids, reducing that morning puffiness we all dread.   Boosting Blood Circulation Think of Gua Sha as your personal circulation maestro. Promoting blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells, leaving you with a natural, healthy blush.   Natural Botox: Tension-Relief for Expression Lines Forget needles; Gua Sha is here to rescue you from expression lines. Release tension in facial muscles for a natural, youthful appearance.   The Grand Finale: Conclusion As we near the end of our Gua Sha journey, let's reflect on the timeless beauty this ancient tool brings to modern skincare. It's not just a routine; it's a self-love ritual that stands the test of time.   Gua Sha: Your Timeless Beauty Companion Embrace Gua Sha as more than a tool – your timeless beauty companion. With each stroke, you're not just caring for your skin; you're celebrating the artistry of self-love.   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): And now, let's address some burning questions you might have about Gua Sha. Is Gua Sha Suitable for All Skin Types? Is Gua Sha inclusive? Absolutely! Gua Sha adapts to your skin, providing benefits for all skin types. How Often Should I Use Gua Sha? Are you eager to include Gua Sha in your routine but unsure about frequency? Fear not! 2-3 times a week is a sweet spot for glowing results. Can Gua Sha Replace My Regular Skincare Products? While Gua Sha is a game-changer, it's not a substitute for your trusted skincare products. Think of it as the VIP treatment that enhances the effectiveness of your routine. Can Gua Sha Help with Acne? Yes, it can! Gua Sha's gentle massage helps alleviate tension and promotes blood circulation, contributing to a clearer complexion. Is Gua Sha a Time-Consuming Process? No need to carve out hours; Gua Sha is a quick and efficient addition to your routine. Spend just 5-10 minutes, and watch your skin transform. In conclusion, Gua Sha isn't just a skincare tool; it's a journey of self-discovery and self-love. So, dive in, explore the secret of ancient beauty, and let your skin tell a story of timeless radiance.

Nov 21,2023

The Surprising Link Between Yoni Eggs and Kegel Exercises: A Journey to Wellness

Picture this: a wellness journey involving ancient practices, mysterious stones, and exercises that strengthen and surprise. Welcome to the world of Yoni Eggs and Kegel Exercises! In this article, we'll unravel the secrets behind the surprising link between Yoni Eggs and Kegel Exercises, exploring the realms of self-care, empowerment, and the fascinating connection between these two elements.   Understanding Kegel Egg Exercises Kegel exercises, often associated with women's health, are a powerhouse for pelvic floor muscles. Think of them as a workout for the muscles that support your pelvic organs, and yes, they are incredibly vital for both women and men. These exercises can be your secret weapon for enhanced bladder control, improved sexual satisfaction, and overall pelvic wellness.   The Mystique of Yoni Stones Yoni stones, also known as Yoni Eggs, have a history as intriguing as their name. Originating from ancient Taoist traditions, these smooth gemstones are believed to harness spiritual energy. Picture them as your companions on a journey to balance and harmony. But how do these mystical stones connect with Kegel exercises?   How to Use Kegel Eggs Using Kegel Eggs might initially sound like a puzzle, but it's simpler than you think. We'll guide you through the process, step by step, ensuring you make the most out of this empowering practice. Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast, mastering Kegel exercises with eggs adds a delightful twist to your wellness routine.   The Art of Yoni Egg Utilization Now, let's delve into the intriguing world of Yoni Egg utilization. Uncover the ancient art of incorporating these eggs into your routine, embracing their physical and spiritual benefits. It's more than just a practice; it's a journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.   Benefits Beyond Strength The benefits of Kegel exercises and Yoni Eggs extend beyond physical strength. Discover how these practices contribute to enhanced emotional well-being, improved intimacy, and a profound connection with your inner self.   Exploring Yoni Egg Varieties Not all Yoni Eggs are created equal. Dive into the myriad Yoni Egg varieties with unique properties and energies. From Rose Quartz to Obsidian, find the perfect companion that resonates with your journey.   Personal Experiences and Stories Embark on a journey with individuals who have incorporated Kegel exercises and Yoni Eggs into their lives. Personal experiences and stories provide insights into the transformative power of these practices, adding a touch of relatability to your wellness journey.   Connecting with Your Inner Self Connecting with your inner self is a fundamental aspect of this journey. Explore mindfulness techniques and practices that go hand in hand with Kegel exercises and Yoni Egg utilization, fostering a deeper connection with your mind, body, and spirit.   Common Misconceptions Unveiled Let's debunk common myths and misconceptions surrounding Kegel exercises and Yoni Eggs. Separate fact from fiction, ensuring you approach these practices confidently and accurately.   Finding the Right Yoni Egg for You Choosing the correct Yoni Egg is crucial for a personalized and practical experience. Uncover tips on finding the correct Yoni Egg, considering material, size, and energy resonance factors.   Combining Practices for Optimal Results Maximize the benefits by combining Kegel exercises and Yoni Eggs. Understand how these two practices complement each other, creating a holistic approach to pelvic wellness and self-care.   Incorporating Yoni Eggs into Your Routine Practical tips on incorporating Yoni Eggs into your routine make the journey seamless. From morning rituals to bedtime routines, find the perfect moments to embrace the power of these mystical stones.   Yoni Eggs: More Than Just a Trend Discover why Yoni Eggs are more than just a trend. Delve into their historical significance, cultural roots, and how they have transcended trends to become a timeless practice for holistic well-being.   Embracing Empowerment Through Kegels Empowerment takes center stage as we explore the profound impact of Kegel exercises on self-esteem and empowerment. Uncover how this simple yet powerful practice can transform not just your body but also your mindset.   The Art of Letting Go: Conclusion As we conclude our exploration, embrace the art of letting go. The conclusion is not just an end but a new beginning. Take the lessons learned from Kegel exercises and Yoni Eggs, and carry them forward on your ongoing journey to wellness.   FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Can anyone practice Kegel exercises and use Yoni Eggs? Yes! Kegel exercises benefit both men and women, and anyone can explore the transformative power of Yoni Eggs. How often should I practice Kegel exercises with Yoni Eggs? The frequency depends on individual preferences, but consistency is critical. Start with a few times a week and adjust based on your comfort. Do Yoni Eggs have any age restrictions? No, there are no age restrictions for using Yoni Eggs. Individuals of all ages can benefit from incorporating them into their wellness routines. Can Kegel exercises improve sexual satisfaction? Absolutely! Kegel exercises are known to enhance sexual pleasure by improving pelvic muscle strength and control. Are there any risks associated with Kegel exercises and Yoni Egg use? When done correctly, both practices are generally safe. However, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional if you have specific health concerns. Embark on your journey to wellness with Kegel exercises and Yoni Eggs, and discover a world where strength, balance, and empowerment converge!

Buy Gua Sha Facial Massage From The Certified Exporter

Birstone Inc., the certified Gua Sha Facial Massage Supplier, incorporates the best production techniques and licensed manufacturing processes to make the highest quality Gua Sha facial massage for its valued clients. We use state-of-the-art technology under the supervision of experts and skilled professionals who always strive to bring the safest product for you. Our product offers value for money and makes you feel much more relaxed and comfortable. They are proven to help relieve tension in the face, reduce puffiness and inflammation, and can even help reduce sinus pressure. Bstoneinc always focuses on using the Kaizen system in production to achieve continuous improvements in the product line and bring the best product to the market for its customers, which makes us an eminent Gua Sha Facial Massage Supplier

Avail Wholesale Rates For Bulk Quantities Globally

Birstone feels immensely proud to get the best customer feedback in terms of full satisfaction and requirements. We produce bulk quantities using the flow production system, which helps us achieve economies of scale. This brings our valued customers lower costs and eventually low prices. As a leading Gua Sha Facial Massage Supplier, we always look to bring the most unique and appealing products like Rose quartz jade roller and Jade facial masks that you would love to buy. Low rates give us a competitive advantage, and thus we acquire a greater market share. Birstone facial massage techniques and tools are designed to work the muscles in the face for a transformative toning in appearance. We deliver products in bulk quantities and always look for lesser time to deliver the product.

Why Our Gua Sha Stone Is Different?

Our customer base has been using Gua Sha for several years now and has never faced a single problem with it. Our clients have incorporated Gua Sha and Yoni eggs into their daily routine whenever they feel like using them in the morning or evening. Bstoneinc has been getting positive feedback from customers because the results are 100%, it promotes blood circulation and dredges the meridian (natural energy) channel, and in general, the technique used is much gentler than for other medical applications. Being the leading Gua Sha Facial Massage Supplier, we always strive to bring the best quality that is efficient and stimulates vital energy points around the face to release toxins while reducing sagging skin or any discoloration. Our product also helps to remove any stagnation. Quote us your requirements now.


The facial Gua Sha massage technique is performed by gently pressing and kneading the face with slow, circular motions using thumbs, fingers, or a light touch of the whole hand. The therapist will focus on the temples, cheeks, nose, mouth, and upper lip to promote circulation and relieve pain.

Facial Massage Lymphatic Drainage Theory: The cold restricts blood flow to a particular area, and pressure pushes fluid, known as lymph, to the lymph nodes, which process it and filter out toxins.” 1. Promoting/Improving blood circulation to look more glowing. 2. Eliminating dark circles and eye bags. 3. Relaxing muscles and eliminating congestion. 4. Stress relief, Calm the mind to get better sleep. 5. Reducing wrinkles, Fine lines, and Puffiness 6. Close & minimize enlarged pores 7. Improve headaches, TMJ pain, sinus congestion, eye strain/tension/fatigue 8. Tightens the skin 9. Helps sculpt your cheekbones 10. Helps oils and moisturizers absorb into the skin 11. Perfect for after-sun care and dark eyes, and encourages circulation for natural healing and recovery.

The Jade Eye Mask is made of 100% natural jade stone that is inherently cooling and helps to improve skin tone and encourage circulation on the face and body. The Jade Eye Mask can help brighten skin complexion, texture, and dark circles underneath the eyes, alleviate puffiness and wrinkles, and soothe facial muscles. Our Jade Eye Mask is perfect for any beauty and health routine! Jade stones are known to have various healing properties and inherent minerals that can be beneficial for the skin. For centuries, natural jade has been used for various facial and body products, dating as far back as the seventh century in China. In Chinese culture, it is believed that jade balances your inner energy, brings a sense of peace and harmony, and symbolizes grace, beauty, and longevity.

Many women believe that yoni eggs can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, including: 1. Helping to improve circulation and the overall health of the vaginal area. 2. Helping to increase flexibility and range of motion in the pelvic area. 3. aiding in childbirth by increasing blood flow to the pelvis and helping to reduce pain during labor. 4. Supporting the optimal function of the female reproductive organs and enhancing orgasmic pleasure 5. Others like: Balance menstrual cycles and Feminine hormones Foster urinary and digestive health. Soothe menstrual cramps. Include reduced incontinence, reduced risk of uterine prolapse, firmer grip during sexual intercourse, and eventually stronger orgasms. Prevent uterine prolapse.

Jade Comb is another kind of massage that is specially used for the Head, and it has the following benefits when daily use: 1) Scalp care 2) Boost Head circulation; 3) Reduce headaches and diminish stress 4) Maybe also helpful on the hair growth 5) Potentially stimulate the skin's natural rejuvenation and healing opioid systems. 6) Physical therapy with this ancient massage technique is of great comfort, never causing allergies compared with chemical ones. You can rest assured to use it. 7) This scraper can be used on the body, neck, scalp, face, wrists, shoulders, legs, and feet to help with our health protection.

1. The free water crystal structure of jade has the physical characteristics of large heat capacity and fast radiation heat dissipation. The effective components can absorb radioactive substances, remove the poison of harmful heavy metals to the human body and prevent their diffusion in the human body. 2. Natural jade contains many trace elements necessary for the human body, which some can't get from food, and often wearing jade bracelets and pendant friction skin stimulates human body acupuncture points, and the trace elements are absorbed into the human body, improving body circulation, promote metabolism, active cells, to strengthen the immune ability, to achieve the effect of preventing health prevention and cure.

Yes, it is in an ethical way.

In the whole production process, quality is always the top priority of the request. From Raw stone selection to finished products, the relevant departments will strictly adhere to the top quality policy. 5 times QC before we ship these goods to our clients. We are in a three-dimensional, strict production management model, to ensure that every product is quality and delivered.

We never use child labor as we have a strict access rule, usually, we check their ID card to make sure they are the correct age to join us.

We treat all of our employees: equally and in fairness on financial compensation, benefits, disability accommodations, vacation time, and paid leave. Birstone Nice Rules: 1) Be Honest and Have Full Transparency 2) No Prejudice, Bias, or Favoritism 3) Listen To Your Employees 4) Give Credit Where It’s Due 5) Acknowledge Everyone 6) Maintain Professional Conduct 7) Be Kind and Polite 9) Give Your Employees Treats and Practice What You Preach

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