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Birstone is a new type of OEM&ODM Semi-precious Gemstone skincare tool brand manufacturer that integrates design, and manufacture to export. With the family business's 10 years of experience in the Gemstone industry, based on the concept of Home skincare health care and Magical Healing stone, we're going to bring our carefully polished semi-precious stone products all over the world. We genuinely believe to help customers to create a meaningful and lasting brand, continuously creating high-quality and continuous updating new products is so important, therefore, from importing raw stones to making high-quality finished products, we don’t miss any details, step by step, to provide customers with the most trustworthy natural skincare tools.         
Join us to experience a new healthy lifestyle nurtured by the earth.

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Nov 29,2022

Unlock The Secret To The Natural Ways of Beauty by Using Gua Sha Massage Tools!

Ladies are always interested to look for in opportunity to find the best opportunity and grabbing the best skincare tools that are there in the town. But a lot of us might not be familiar with this new skincare tool known as gua sha massage tools in the town that are performing wonders. Although a lot of us might have already spotted a lot of influencers and celebrities using this new kind of skincare tool and adding it into their routines of course in order to add it to your routine you need to know a lot more about the Gua Sha.  What is a Gua Sha? A gua sha is a type of tool that is designed in a way that it is flat in structure and is made up of some semi-precious stones thus it is used in order to massage the face. Although this gua sha face tool recently gained popularity a lot of us are not familiar with the fact that gua sha is a product that had been there for a long time. This incredible modern-day technique that is used for the purpose of face scraping has originated from the Chinese traditional healing practice which was known as Gua Sha. The word Gua Sha itself explains the meaning and the use of the product in a way that the term Gua stands for stroking or pressing whereas the term Sha refers to the redness. According to experts and practitioners, it refers to the redness that is usually obtained through the method of scraping as it is the method that encourages the process of self-healing of the skin. Inspired by the traditional gua sha, these modern days are equally beneficial and effective as they leave you with a well-sculpted and contoured face, the only difference is that it is less intense.  What are the Benefits of Using a Gua Sha? Gua Sha is usually associated with the benefits of sculpting and contouring the face but there are various other benefits that are associated with the use of these incredible tools of beauty. These are in the form of benefits like: Lymphatic Drainage  In the case of a slow lymph system, we get to see that it can lead to puffiness, swollen skin, various other factors like acne and fatigue, and various other types of skin-related problems. The use of gua sha improves lymphatic circulation in a way that stimulates the movement of muscles. Thus it improves lymphatic drainage.    Deals with Issues Like Cystic Acne It is a very common misconception that had been noted among people that they think that gua sha cannot be used on broken skin or over the pustules but in reality, it is a type of tool that is used in order to reduce flare-ups, the redness and is also effective in reducing the size of acne because of the fact that it moves congestion and improves the circulation. Although it can be used over acne it is suggested not to use a gua sha over broken skin or skin with pustules.    In Fighting The Scars of Acne The gua sha is a type of product that is designed in a way that it can be used to bring fresh blood to the surface of the skin. In this way, it is helpful in renewing and regenerating the cells of the skin. This reduces the amount of visibility of scars of acne on the skin. In order to further enhance the results, one can use it with the help of vitamin c and other different types of serums.    Reducing the Puffiness of the Skin Since gua sha is seen to be effective in the case of lymph drainage and to improve the circulation of blood and other fluids from your face, it can also be used in order to tighten up your skin and to help it become more chiseled by reducing puffiness.    Reduces the Dark Circles and Brightens the Complexion Gua sha is a type of beauty tool that is known to be effective when it comes to increasing the circulation of blood over your face. Thus, this tool is extremely useful even in the case of experiencing dark circles and a dull complexion. As improved blood circulation would result in lessening the dark circles providing a youthful glow to the users.    Softens the skin, Removing Wrinkle and Fine Lines Gua Sha is a type of tool that is highly useful when it comes to relaxing the stiff muscles and tissues of your face, since it is highly effective in improving circulation, it soothes out the signs of aging from the skin as it reduces the wrinkles and fine lines from the skin giving it a smooth and young look.   Contouring and Sculpting Jawlines and Cheekbones: The main benefit that is associated with the use of a gua sha is the fact that with the constant scrapping of gua sha over your face in a correct manner, one is able to achieve a well-sculpted and contoured look over the face, as it leads to, well-defined jawline and cheekbones. Giving you a naturally contoured and well-sculpted look.    Finding Your Perfect Gua sha  There are various different types of gua sha that are available in the market, all these variations in the terms of colors, designs, sizes, and material, thus selecting the perfect gua sha could be a real challenge as there are various different aspects that need to be considered, thus knowing the requirements of your body and keeping in mind the needs, you need to find your perfect gua sha. Gua sha are designed in a way that.   Rose Quarts Gua sha  It is a type of gua sha that is pink in color, and it is associated with emotions, compassion, and love, however, when it comes to the use of this gua sha, quartz-based gua sha is considered ideal for smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles and to soothe out the skin but getting it rid of toxins and all the negativity that could be there in a body.    Black Obsidian Gua sha It is the type of gua sha that is made up of a material that is considered to be a powerful element of fire, water, and earth. It is ideal to clear out the negative thoughts and emotions that may be there in the body, leaving the skin fully rejuvenated. It also repairs and strengthens the tissues of the face over time.    Clear Quartz Gua sha  It is a type of gua sha that is designed in a way that it is made up using jade crystal which is considered an ideal source to clear the skin, rest down the imbalances, reduce the puffiness, and drain the lymphatics.    Amethyst Gua Sha it is a type of gua sha that is made using the amethyst stone, it is a negatively charged stone that is ideal for getting rid of all the negativity and stress from the body by producing the type of ions. It is considered an ideal source that could be used in order to cool down the skin and tighten the pores. 

Sep 22,2022

Things To Know and a Few Benefits of Using a Jade Eye Mask

An eye mask is something that many people use on a daily basis - but do you know the benefits of using one? Here we discuss a few important things to know and some of a benefit of the jade eye mask. We'll also explain how to use a jade eye mask correctly so that you can reap all the benefits it has to offer. So whether you're looking for an affordable and easy way to improve your sleep, or want to safeguard your eyes from major diseases like macular degeneration, read on to learn all you need to know about jade eye masks!   What is the purpose of a jade eye mask and what are jade eye masks? Jade eye masks are helpful to reduce your eye stress. They're also beneficial for your skin because they contain natural ingredients that protect it from free radicals. These masks work by blocking out light and helping you fall asleep faster. If you are looking to improve your sleep or you have anxiety then it would be a good investment because it is helpful to improve your sleep and reduce anxiety as well. So, what are you waiting for? Give jade eye masks a try and see the benefits for yourself!   A few major benefits of using jade eye masks? There are many benefits to using jade eye masks, the most notable of which is the reduction of eye fatigue and wrinkles. By the use of jade eye mask, you will feed youthful look for sure. Many people use jade eye masks as part of their regular beauty routine, including celebrities and models. Overall, it is very easy to use, ideally you can use it before bed time of before you go to sleep. So why not give jade eye masks a try? Best way to use a jade eye mask to get the better results If you're tired, puffiness-prone, or just want to look more awake and refreshed, the jade eye mask may be the answer for you! These masks are useful for reducing wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. It also helps improve circulation, so you look brighter and feel more awake. In order to use jade eye mask, first you need make sure your skin clean & dry. Next, put the mask on in the direction of your nose, ensuring that the temples of the mask are positioned on the sides of your eyes. You can remove the mask around after 20 to 25 minutes. Remember to use the mask every day to see the best results!   Frequently Asked Questions   How often should I replace my jade eye mask and where can I find them for sale? When you put on a jade eye mask, it's important to make sure it's snugly around your eyes and mouth to avoid any leakage. You can easily buy it from cosmetics stores or shops. Or even you can buy it online. Birstone is of a leading manufacturer & supplier of jade eye mask in China. They can supply you according your needs. To get the most benefits from the mask, replace it every 3 months.   Is it safe to use jade eye masks on a regular basis? Yes, there is not side effect to use it. In fact, it is fully safe and very effective tool to reduce eye stress and improve sleep as well. They can be worn for up to 20 minutes at a time and the effects last for about an hour.   Conclusion   Looking for a refreshing way to relax and de-stress? Jade eye masks can be the very effective solution for you! As these masks are made of jade, which is a mineral that has long been known for its healing and rejuvenating properties. In addition, it is a great tool to providing relaxation and helpful to improve circulation and reduce puffiness. If you're looking for a mask that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, look no further than the jade eye mask!

Aug 5,2022

Yoni Eggs - Experience Effects That Are Beyond Just the Healing!

With an increase in the awareness related to health, we get to see that people are focusing on their health a lot more than they did previously. They are practicing habits that are beneficial in order to save their health and to benefit them in a way that they can live healthy life. Along with all the health practices that we follow in order to keep ourselves healthy there is an important topic that often goes undiscussed. It is about sexual health, especially in the case of women. A lot of women are not aware of the importance of sexual health education and practices that they need to perform in order to keep themselves healthy. Education and awareness about sexual health are important not only because of the fact that they would be helpful for sexual wellness but also because of the fact that they can lead to an improvement in your overall life, from your mood to the betterment of your muscles. In order to work on your sexual health and to make it better Yoni eggs, wholesale manufacturers introduce us to the option of use of yoni eggs that are designed in a way that they can be used for the betterment of your vaginal health and thus your overall life. What is the Yoni Eggs? Yoni eggs are small stones that are designed in the shape of an egg. They are designed in a way that they should be placed inside the vagina in order to help strengthen and tone the base of the pelvic floor and strengthen the muscles that are helpful in preventing leakage and enhances the feeling of pleasure and lubrication inside the vagina by maintaining a healthy amount of the flow of blood. The stone that is usually used by the Yoni eggs wholesale manufacturers in order to form these eggs is in the form of Nephrite jade which is a gemstone that is traditionally used since ancient times in order to manufacture the yoni eggs. The Yoni Eggs have been introduced since the time of ancient China when the Queen and her concubines brought these eggs into use for the purpose of keeping their reproductive systems healthy and tight for the knight, this yoni egg also served the purpose of heightening the sexual energy of a person into a form of spiritual energy. It works in a way that by wearing a weight internally even for at least thirty minutes in a day. These yoni eggs are not only helpful in order to strengthen the floor of the pelvic but they can also help with better orgasms resulting in an overall improvement in the mood. How to Use the Yoni Eggs? Although these yoni eggs are designed in a way that their use is really very simple but in order to explain the method of insertion it is noted that the method for this profound practice is very easy. One needs to insert this egg-shaped stone deeper into your vagina. For better results, one needs to practice a set of kegel exercises with the yoni egg laying inside you. However, one should be very careful while inserting the egg as one does not have to shove it in the vagina, it is the process that needs to be done slowly and gradually, it would not be wrong to call it a practice of surrender. It is important to notice the response of the vagina whether it is ready to accept it or not thus one does not have to force it inside and it is important to have proper guidance before you practice it. Benefits of Using Yoni Eggs? Yoni eggs are crystals that are shaped like an egg. These are also known as the kegel weights because of the fact that they can make your kegel exercises a lot more efficient in the terms of results. The main purpose of these eggs is to strengthen and tone the floor of the pelvis as the vagina is a muscle and it works over strengthening the muscle. On the physical level, they all do the same kind of act however on an energetic level there are various benefits of using these crystals in the form of eggs. Among many, a few benefits of using a yoni egg include: 1.       Increased libido 2.       Tone pelvic floor 3.       Better bladder control 4.       Increased natural lubrication 5.       Stronger orgasms 6.       More connection to Yoni and womb space 7.       Post-birth healing 8.       Internal crystal healing Available in Different Shapes and Sizes:   Yoni eggs come in a variety of sizes including small, medium, and large sizes. With the availability of a variety of sizes, they also differ in the terms of weight as well. The weight varies within a range of 50 grams to 100 grams. However, the shape can only vary slightly because they are carved with the hands otherwise they come in the same egg-shaped structure. 

Buy Gua Sha Facial Massage From The Certified Exporter

Birstone Inc., the certified Gua Sha Facial Massage Supplier, incorporates the best production techniques and licensed manufacturing processes to make the highest quality Gua Sha facial massage for its valued clients. We use state-of-the-art technology under the supervision of experts and skilled professionals who always strive to bring the safest product for you. Our product offer value for money and makes you feel much more relaxed and comfortable. They are proven to help relieve tension in the face, reduce puffiness and inflammation, and can even help reduce sinus pressure. Birstone always focuses on using the Kaizen system in production to achieve continuous improvements in the product line and bring the best product to the market for its customers, which makes us an eminent Gua Sha Facial Massage Supplier

Avail Wholesale Rates For Bulk Quantities Globally

Birstone feels immensely proud to get the best customer feedback in terms of full satisfaction and requirements. We produce bulk quantities using the flow production system, which helps us achieve economies of scale. This brings our valued customers lower costs and eventually low prices. As a leading Gua Sha Facial Massage Supplier, we always look to bring the most unique and appealing products like Rose quartz jade roller and Jade facial masks for you that you would love to buy. Low rates give us a competitive advantage, and thus we acquire a greater market share. Birstone facial massage techniques and tools are designed to work the muscles in the face for a transformative toning in appearance. We deliver products in bulk quantities and always look for lesser time to deliver the product.

Why Our Gua Sha Stone Is Different?

Our customer base has been using Gua Sha for several years now and has never faced a single problem with it. Our clients have incorporated Gua Sha and Yoni eggs into their daily routine whenever they feel like using them in the morning or evening. Birstone has been getting positive feedback from the customers because the results are 100%, it promotes blood circulation and dredges the meridian (natural energy) channel, and in general, the technique used is much gentler than for other medical applications. Being the leading Gua Sha Facial Massage Supplier, we always strive to bring the best quality that is efficient and stimulates vital energy points around the face to release toxins while reducing sagging skin or any discoloration. Our product also helps to remove any stagnation. Quote us your requirements now.


The facial Gua Sha massage technique is performed by gently pressing and kneading the face with slow, circular motions using thumbs, fingers, or a light touch of the whole hand. The therapist will focus on the temples, cheeks, nose, mouth, and upper lip in order to promote circulation and relieve pain.

Facial Massage Lymphatic Drainage Theory: The cold restricts blood flow to a particular area, and pressure pushes fluid, known as lymph, to the lymph nodes, which process it and filter out toxins.” 1. Promoting/Improving blood circulation to look more glowing. 2. Eliminating dark circles and eye bags. 3. Relaxing muscles and eliminating congestion. 4. Stress relief, Calm the mind to get better sleep. 5. Reducing wrinkles, Fine lines, and Puffiness 6. Close & minimize enlarged pores 7. Improve headaches, TMJ pain, sinus congestion, eye strain/tension/fatigue 8. Tightens the skin 9. Helps sculpt your cheekbones 10. Helps oils and moisturizers absorb into the skin 11. Perfect for after-sun care, and dark eyes, and encourages circulation for natural healing and recovery.

The Jade Eye Mask is made of 100% natural jade stone that is inherently cooling and helps to improve skin tone and encourage circulation on the face and body. Regular use of the Jade Eye Mask can help brighten skin complexion, texture, and dark circles underneath the eyes, alleviate puffiness and wrinkles and soothe facial muscles. Our Jade Eye Mask is the perfect addition to any beauty and health routine! Jade stones are known to have various healing properties and inherent minerals that can be beneficial for the skin. For centuries, natural jade has been used for a variety of facial and body products, dating as far back as the seventh century in China. In Chinese culture, it is believed that jade balances your inner energy, brings a sense of peace and harmony, and symbolizes grace, beauty, and longevity.

Many women believe that yoni eggs can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, including: 1. Helping to improve circulation and the overall health of the vaginal area. 2. Helping to increase flexibility and range of motion in the pelvic area. 3. aiding in childbirth by increasing blood flow to the pelvis and helping to reduce pain during labor. 4. Supporting the optimal function of the female reproductive organs and enhancing orgasmic pleasure. 5. Others like: Balance menstrual cycles and Feminine hormones Foster urinary and digestive health. Soothe menstrual cramps. Include reduced incontinence, reduced risk of uterine prolapse, stronger grip during sexual intercourse, and eventually, stronger orgasms. Prevent uterine prolapse(old people)

Jade Comb is another kind of massage that is specially used for the Head, it has the following benefits when daily use: 1) Scalp care 2) Boost Head circulation; 3) Reduce headaches and diminish stress 4) Maybe also helpful on the hair growth 5) Potentially stimulate the skin's natural rejuvenation and healing opioid systems. 6) Physical therapy with this ancient massage technique is of great comfort, never causing allergies compared with chemical ones. You can rest assured to use it. 7) This scraper can be used on the body, neck, scalp, face, wrists, shoulders, legs, and feet to help with health protection.

1. The free water crystal structure of jade has the physical characteristics of large heat capacity and fast radiation heat dissipation. The effective components can absorb radioactive substances, remove the poison of harmful heavy metals to the human body and prevent their diffusion in the human body. Natural jade contains many trace elements necessary for the human body, which some can't get from food, and often wear the jade bracelets, pendant friction skin stimulates human body acupuncture points, the trace elements are absorbed into the human body, improve body circulation, promote metabolism, active cells, so as to strengthen the immune ability, to achieve the effect of preventing health prevention and cure.

Yes, it is in an ethical way.

In the whole production process, quality is always the top priority of the request. From Raw stone selection to finished products, the relevant departments will strictly adhere to the top quality policy. 5 times QC before we ship these goods to our clients. We are a three-dimensional, strict production management mode, to ensure that every product is quality and delivered.

We never use child labor as we have a strict access rule, we check their ID card to make sure they are the correct age to work with us.

We treat all of our employees: equally and in fairness on financial compensation, benefits, disability accommodations, vacation time, and paid leave. Birstone Nice Rules: 1) Be Honest and Have Full Transparency 2) No Prejudice, Bias, or Favoritism 3) Listen To Your Employees 4) Give Credit Where It’s Due 5) Acknowledge Everyone 6) Maintain Professional Conduct 7) Be Kind and Polite 9) Give Your Employees Treats and Practice What You Preach

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