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Jun 8,2023

The Truth About Jade Rollers And Gua Sha

These days, it is commonly noticed that every other beautician on social platforms has been telling about the organic and natural way of enhancing the beauty of a person, and the use of jade stone rollers or Gua Sha has increased. These tools are even more loveable for their results on the skin and not just for their shiny and appealing appearance. The question is, do we really need them in the era of hydrating masks, moisturizers, and plenty of facial scrubs? Are they just marketing techniques by the beauty industry to get money? The answer is NO! because these products refer back to ancient China, where it was used as skincare for empresses and the upper echelons of Chinese society. They certainly believed that these handheld massaging tools with smooth, dual jade stone would improve their blood circulation, reduce swelling after sleep and enhance the absorption of herbal and medicinal products used on the skin; this did and thus has increased the importance of these products in the world market.

Jade Roller - What Are The Benefits?

The jade stone rollers come with plenty of benefits, and it doesn’t take a lot of practice or instruction when apply. Therefore, it is far easy to use than any other beauty product. It provides penetration because this is an effective way to help skincare products penetrate more deeply; if you apply the serum on your face, it helps make them absorb to the full and deep. Thirdly it helps in lymphatic circulation as they are helpful for the microcirculation of fluid or lymph. When sometimes you get extra sleep, there are circles of puffiness on your face which can be easily reduced using these jade rollers. It feels so good after you use it; it gives you a very relaxing feeling. Whatever roller you use, whether it is jade or rose quartz, it is the best relaxing way to treat yourself, and it doesn’t take much time and can be done anywhere.

Gua Sha - What Are The Benefits?

The Gua Sha tools have been since the 7th century, and gradually with the passage of time, there are many Jade and Gua Sha Tools suppliers worldwide who are now providing these tools at wholesale rates. Gua sha is used to help remove toxins from the body, that is not just from the face but from different body parts like the neck, shoulder, and back. The effects of using the gua sha tool are immense as it gives 100% correct results, which include improved blood circulation resulting in the enhanced face glow that we always desire. This tool is heart-shaped and perfectly suited to fit the contours of the face, including the jawline. This is used in a gentle scraping motion, which assists muscle and joint pain. The inflammation is reduced using this, and the tension is also reduced. Poor face posture often gives a strained face, and it doesn’t look good; therefore, this is of immense help to reduce that. It uses a stroke that creates pressure and stretches simultaneously, making it superior to the jade roller as it sculps facial features like cheekbone and jawline.

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