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Jun 8,2023

Learn How to Use Jade Mask and Some Benefits of It

In this era of gadgets and busy life, we bombard ourselves with too much radiation. These radiations cause stress on our eyes and mind. It looks to be an ordinary problem but it can cause severe stress on you. Some of us watch movies and TV shows at night and back-to-back episodes make our eyes sore. As a result, we find ourselves with puffy eyes in the morning. Slowly, they turn into dark circles when we take stress in our professional life. All these problems contribute to long-term fatigue. 

However, there are some ways you can use to get rid of these problems. If you can’t do yoga or exercise, at least you can place a jade mask on your face. Jade masks can help you in different ways. They will be perfect for you to let the fatigue slowly go away from your face. Likewise, your sore eyes need something new to cope with pain and spasm because of stress. Here, you can learn how to use a jade mask and its benefits.


Keep It in the Freezer for Some Hours

If you want to use them with optimum performance, you need to keep them in the freezer for some hours. Even if you keep them for 20 to 30 minutes, a jade mask will work like an ice pack. When you go outside for shopping or grocery in the heat, you can put a jade mask in the freezer. 


Take It Out and Place it on Your Face

After returning home, you can place it on your face. It will relieve your eyes from the heat you absorbed from the surroundings. Coming back home after a hectic job needs an ice pack on your face to get rid of fatigue from the mind. Sometimes you need a cold jade mask more than a cold face wash. The jade stones in the mask have the tendency to absorb the facial heat and let you get rid of soreness.


You Can Keep It in Hot Water Also

Another way of using it is to keep it in hot water for a few minutes. Once it absorbs the heat, it will work as a hot bag for the face. Sometimes, you need to warm your face to let your facial muscles get massaged. This jade mask with a warm temperature will help you reduce pain.


Change Its Side

After some minutes, you can change the side of the jade mask just like you do with cucumber. One side’s temperature will change after a few minutes on your face. For instance, if the mask was cold, it would warm by absorbing the facial heat and vice versa. When you change sides, you still get effectiveness from the other side.


Some Benefits of Jade Mask

You can use them for various reasons like pain in your eyes, face, or blocked sinus. In winter, we get several problems related to sinuses and you can use this mask for them. Have a look at the benefits of trying them at home. 


Fatigued Eyes

After a long day or due to stress, you may feel your eyes sore. Even after some rest, you may get puffy eyes. To relieve them, you can place a jade mask on your face. This will keep your eyes cool as if you placed cucumber on them. Jade masks can also work as a cool pad on your eyes to soothe veins and eyelids.   


Dark Circles

Due to lack of sleep and stress, we may feel exhausted and this fatigue can appear on our faces. You can use jade masks also for your eye puffiness, dark circles, and eye bags. You will have to use them regularly to treat dark circles. It is a simple and easy way to treat this problem of your eyes. You need to place this mask on your face for 15-30 minutes. 


Relieves Facial Muscles 

Sometimes you feel pain in your face. That is a sign of facial stress and you need treatment for it. You can use jade masks also to treat facial muscles. This pain is temporary but it causes irritation. You can place this mask on your face on a regular basis for 15-30 minutes to soothe your face. After some days, you may start feeling relaxed.


Relieves Headache

You don’t need to take pills all the time to treat your headache. Sometimes you need to relax and place a jade mask on your forehead. Some people used a cold or warm bag for it in the past but this mask is a modern version. You can place it on your forehead and relax for half an hour, you may feel calm. 

Besides, these jade masks are available in the market in different colors like pink, green, etc. Some suppliers sell supportive products of jade stone to complete a collection.

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