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Jul 18,2023

Jade Rollers: The Ancient Beauty Secret Taking the Skincare World by Storm

A skincare routine can do wonders for the skin and make you look your best, positively impacting your presence. A jade roller is a skincare tool that is fast becoming popular and can magnify the result of any skincare product. If you want your skin to be free from wrinkles and folds, then using jade facial rollers is worth it. Let us explore how a jade roller can. 


What is a Jade Roller?

Facial rollers are a skin massaging tool that is constructed from jade stone. These massage tools are a part of Chinese culture as they have been popular in China since the 17th century when they were used to massage the skin to smoothen wrinkles and brighten the complexion. The rest of the world has only caught up with the trend today. Facial rollers have suddenly become a hit worldwide as people have discovered their health and skin benefits.


Facial Rollers: Do They Work?

Facial rollers might have many benefits, but many people also wonder why the roller has to be made from jade. The use of jade in skin massaging tools is more a cultural belief rather than scientific. In Chinese culture, the jade stone is believed to be a symbol of beauty and eternal youth, and rolling it along the curves of your face can result in youthful skin. Cultural beliefs aside, many skin specialists and beauticians believe that a skin massaging roller is beneficial due to various reasons. Let us look at how jade rollers can help you maintain beauty standards.


A Way to Achieve Glowing Skin

Women who want to appear breathtakingly beautiful will be delighted that a jade roller can help them attain glowing skin. The pressure of a cold roller boosts blood circulation. Improved circulation means a better blood flow of nutrients under the skin. This ultimately leads to a healthier look and a distinct pink glow. The jade roller should be applied.


Say Yes to Wrinkle Free Skin

Doing a facial skin massage with a roller in the morning or at night every day is a surefire way to relax facial muscles. All day facial muscles are twisted in frowns to express our emotions which can really lead to wrinkles in the long term. Regularly applying a facial roller would definitely relax your facial muscles and smoothen the skin's creases.


A Complementary Technique to Boost Skincare Product Effectiveness

If you are already following a skincare routine, a skin massage is a valuable add-on to include in your skincare treatment routine. A skin massage is the perfect way to spread the cream or skincare lotion evenly across the face, and the jade roller accomplishes this surprisingly well. Moreover, the skin cream or; lotion applied to your face is absorbed much more effectively by the pressure from the jade roller. 


Skincare Products That Go Together Well with a Facial Roller Massage

Seeing the vast array of skin products in the market, one needs clarification in deciding what products complement well with a jade roller massage. So, to ease your trouble, we recommend that you opt for a face oil or skin serum as the ideal match you should use with a facial massage. These skin products are liquid and thus allow the roller to roll more easily on the skin. Additionally, when you massage the skin using the roller, the roller presses the serum deeper into the skin. In this way, the nutrients present in the serum will be absorbed much more quickly into the deeper layer of your skin. Regarding types of serums to use with the massage tool, you can opt for hydrating oils; skin glows serums or skin-firming solutions.


How To Use Jade Roller?

Now that you know all about jade rollers, it is time to learn how to use them. Jade rollers are used after you have applied the serum or lotion to your face. Just roll the roller in an outward motion. Experts suggest applying light pressure to drain the lymphatic fluids beneath the skin. For improving blood flow, moderate pressure is much more effective. The increased blood flow will give a healthy glow to your skin. To make your skin wrinkle free first start from the cheekbones and then gradually roll away to other parts of the face. Move the roller along the jawline to acquire a more defined jawline feature. Take the roller to the back of the ears till the center of the clavicle. This action would drain lymphatic liquids accumulated in the face to the lymphatic system, leaving you feeling refreshed.


How Frequently Should I Use the Roller?

Doing skin massage to remove your wrinkles is a gradual process, so expecting immediate results is unrealistic. You have to follow a consistent routine when using the jade roller. Incorporate a facial roller session into your skincare morning or night routine. A facial roller can freshen your morning look by removing puffy eyes and eye shadows. While at night, a jade roller can be an effective strategy to reduce skin inflammation.


Are Jade Rollers Safe For My Skin?

Yes, jade rollers are safe and risk-free, and you can use them daily without any problems. A great thing about jade rollers is that it is made of jade stone, held by a stainless steel frame. Jade stone and stainless steel are both chemically inert and unreactive materials. So, there is no chance of getting skin allergies due to them. A jade roller suits all skin types. Moreover, jade rollers come in a range of visually appealing colors. These facial rollers can be a fabulous addition to your skincare tools and almost look like a decoration piece on your dressing table.

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