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Feb 1,2023

Jade Eggs - Everything You Need to Know

Jade eggs (also known as Yoni eggs) are designed as an aid for Kegel exercises which helps in strengthening pelvic floor muscles and support in strong functioning of the uterus, small intestine, bladder, and rectum. In addition to that, Jade eggs are considered to be helpful for women in increasing libido, completely in control of their sexual limitations. They could remain physically young, strong, and healthy constantly. In this article, we will discuss the history, origin, formation, and how to use Jade eggs, which are believed to be beneficial for the constant enrichment of healthy feminine sexual powers:

Origin and Historical Background:

It is generally believed that exercising pelvic floor muscles using stone-crafted eggs suspended by a thread has been around for more than two thousand years. In the royal circle, concubines were exclusively trained and exercised regularly to prolong their beauty, longevity, and strong vagina to keep the attention of the emperor and other high officials in the court.

In the Taoist tradition, popularized and connected to ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu in around 500 BCE, a strong and stable vagina of a woman strengthens and boost-up life force energy. By using Jade eggs while performing the Kegel exercise, the life force energy (or chi energy) is exerted, which is then transformed into high spiritual energy.

Formation and Shaping:

As the name suggests, they are mostly crafted and shaped using Jade, a mineral that is found in East, South, and South-East Asia. Typically, it is of green color but can also be white or yellowish. Other than Jade, they are also crafted using clear quartz and rose quartz. The weight of the egg varies with the density of the crystal, which serves as the resistive force to be exerted while undergoing the Kegel exercise. The weight of these eggs varies from 50 grams to 100 grams.

Commonly, Yoni eggs are crafted in three different sizes i.e. Small, medium, and large.

How to Use?

The use of a jade egg is pretty simple but could be harmful if not cautious. A woman should insert the egg-shaped crystal deep into their vagina and carry one set of Kegel exercises for better results. The process of insertion should be slow and gradual. The woman should notice the response from their vagina and try not to shove it forcefully inside it, as it can be extremely painful for her. 

The three sizes of the jade eggs are recommended as follows:

• Large Eggs are recommended for mothers who have recently given birth to recover their pelvic strength.

• Medium eggs are considered starting eggs for those who have been practicing with the large egg for eight weeks.

• Small eggs are for advanced users who continue to practice vaginal exercises regularly.

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