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Jun 8,2023

How to Pick a Gua sha face massage tool? Things to Consider

Feeling tired after work and lying in bed only drains your mood further. There are many ways to treat facial fatigue, which appears on the face as a result of too much stress. In this busy world, it is not easy to get some spare time for facial treatment as well as sometimes, your budget does not allow you. However, some products can heal your facial stress without going anywhere. Yes, you do not need to get an appointment for a therapeutic massage every month. Instead, you can buy a gua sha face massage tool for it. Now, every week you can get stress relief and lymphatic drainage on your face. It will also improve blood circulation on the face, remove toxins, etc.  Since it has many uses, you can use it on the jawline, forehead, under the eye, cheeks, etc. But before that, you need to look at some factors before buying this super-effective tool. 


Avoid Plastic and Choose Only Real Stone

Whenever you are about to buy a gua sha face massage tool, always remember that there are originals and artificials. You must purchase the original. Otherwise, it will be of no use. Your skin will have to pay the price for using an artificial material like plastic. You would not want acne or allergy on your skin by rubbing a plastic gua sha face massage tool. That is a very crucial point because only real stone will work on your skin. 

Jade (green), rose quartz (pink), and bian stone (black) are common stones for gua sha. They are what you need. These stones have some benefits that make them usable for this purpose. If you are looking to treat stress, these stones can help you. Since these stones have some traditional worth, they are also expensive, which can help you identify the real ones. Many sellers have original ones and you can find a gua sha face massage tool of original stones. 


Size and Shape of Tool

When it comes to usage, the size and shape of the gua sha face massage tool also matter. They work better if the right shape is used. Each part of the face or body has a different shape, which requires different treatments. You can not just slide a gua sha face massage tool on every part. On some areas of the face, you have to use it firmly, while in some areas, you can apply pressure. It depends upon the stone’s shape. 

There are different shapes available as per the application. Whereas, some are dolphin-shaped, comb-shaped, S-shaped, heart-shaped, etc. To get better results, you need to use the flat gua sha face massage tool for wide areas of your face like cheeks and forehead. When you go for small areas, you need to use a curved or round-shaped gua sha face massage tool.


Thickness Level and Edges of Tool

Another factor that makes an impact, is the thickness level of the gua sha face massage tool. Thicker stone is easy to use and hold. While a thinner stone is hard to have a grip on. However, you can use thick as well as thin stones as per the facial requirement. Thicker stone is better because it will give you a higher grip and better relief. Thinner stone may hurt a little bit because of its edges. 

Edges also play a key role here. Thinner or sharper edges can cause slight pain in your applied area. It is because of the sharpness of the edges. A little curve or thicker edge is good for the skin. It will not cause rashes on the face if it slides with the bone of your face, especially, the cheeks and jawline. 


Branded with Durability and Benefits

Never compromise the quality of a product when it comes to your skin. You can damage your skin by using a low-standard gua sha face massage tool. To avoid this mistake, always look for a reliable seller. Once you purchase it, read the manufacturing or seller’s background to ensure the durability of the product. Only the original gua sha face massage tool can treat your facial stress and lymphatic drainage. Many famous cosmetics or massage brands sell them online at a really affordable price. You can buy it to start getting rid of your facial stress. 

Once you follow these considerations, you will get the most efficient results after using this tool. Your facial fatigue will start disappearing upon regular use of gua sha.

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