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Mar 8,2024

How to Identify a Real Jade Roller? – 5 Ways to Identify

Lots of people have been using jade rollers lately, and the reason is a rising trend in the beauty industry. Since it is related to Chinese traditions for fat and puffiness reduction on the face and other body parts, there is hardly any medical evidence of their impact. However, people who have used them before claim that they have found some benefits, which is why people are purchasing them for easy and convenient treatment at home. Whether you are purchasing a single piece or wholesale jade rollers, there is something you need to know. That is about the authenticity of the stone used in the roller. Since nephrite and jadeite are only two jewels used for that, you still might encounter some fake ones. Here are five ways to find real ones.


If It is Fake, It May Cause Irritation on the Skin

Sometimes it is not possible to detect the difference between a fake and a real one. Some people realize it when they start using it, and the cost is high. What kind of cost is it, by the way? The cost of purchasing and the skin damage. Yes, a fake jade roller will not provide benefits to your skin because it is nothing but a piece of glass, plastic, or marble. Instead of offering some benefits, they will cause more problems. You may start having irritation or rashes on your skin because of using a fake roller. 

Besides, if you use an original jade roller, you will get some benefits. Treatment of puffiness and swelling on the face caused by bad sleep, and better lymphatic drainage is one of them. People use them for these purposes, and not having proper results after using a jade roller might be a reason for using fake ones.  


Natural Jade Stone Feels Cool on Skin

Some stones have a natural tendency to create a cooling effect on the skin. Since jade stones are made of either nephrite or jadeite, they have some natural effects on your skin. They absorb the cold from the environment, and you can feel that. Normally, people store them in freezers for a few minutes before using them on their skins. A natural jade stone will absorb the cold better. It is also for retailers who are willing to source wholesale jade rollers. They can ask for samples from a supplier to test the effect on their skins. 


Real One Has a Greenish Color with Inconsistency in Shades 

Color identification is the easiest way to detect whether a jade roller is original or fake. You need to observe it closely because there are some imperfect lines and shades inside the stones, which show the authenticity of it. This is the case with all the gemstones because they have some irregular marks inside them, which is why you will see inconsistency in the shades. Buyers who often deal in wholesale jade rollers know techniques for identifying the real nephrite and jadeite stones. 

On the other end, fake ones have the same color consistency. For instance, if it is dark green, the whole stone will have the same intensity of color without any difference. It happens when a manufacturer uses glass, plastic, or marble for the production. Moreover, the fake one has no in-depth textures, which are found only in gemstones. 


Real Jade is Heavier, and Breaks If It Falls

You can also detect this through the falling test. Yes, it might be costly, but it is about purchasing the original one. An original stone has a medium weight, which is a little higher than plastic and lower than marble. Yes, it is not easy to find such a difficult challenge. You may have a plastic jade stone or marble one, both have different weights. But when a plastic one falls, it might not break, and the marble type will. You can judge it through the weight and fall test. If it is light and does not break, it might be plastic jade. 

If its weight is a little more than that, but breaks after falling on the floor, it might be marble type. It is up to you how you judge it. You can follow all the above methods, and then drop it on the ground to assure if it is fake or original.   


Fake One is Cheap and Available in Every Color

Then comes the price range, and it is where you can get more help in judgment. A fake one will be cheaper than the original one. However, some manufacturers might sell you fake jade rollers at a higher price to trick you into thinking that you came to the right place. If you are purchasing a wholesale jade roller, you will have to compare the price with other suppliers too. You can compare with the one who is selling original as well as with the one who is selling fake one. Then you will be able to find the fake ones through the price difference. 

Moreover, jade rollers are available in greenish colors because of the naturality of jadeite and nephrite. Some manufacturers claim that they have different colors but these stones are found 99% of the time in greenish shades. So, you will have to focus on the green color and the irregular patterns inside it.

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